Origin of the McCarthy Clan Name

The name McCarthy is associated with the earliest of time and originates from Munster and the territory called Desmond.  They were one of the most powerful dynasties in Ireland. After the central or MacCarthy Mór line, the MacCarthy Reagh, MacCarthy of Muskerry, and MacCarthy of Duhallow dynasties were the three most important dynasties of Mac Carthy. 

Oilioll Olum, the third century King of Munster, had two sons Eoghan and Cormac Cas. After his death North Munster was inherited by the Dalcassians, sons of Cormac Cas, and South Munster by the Eoghanachta, sons of Eoghan. 

The surname MacCarthy is derived from Cárthach, lord of the Eóganachta, and King of Cashel in c.1040 when Donnachadh, son of Brian Boru (Bryan Boru) was King of Munster.

McCarthy Clan, connection to Bryan Boru

The Mac Carthy Mors were from the 12th century on monarchs of the Kingdom of Desmond, which included most of West Munster.

The MacCarthy Reagh were also powerful and royal. Donal Gott MacCarthy was King of Desmond in 1247 and had a son who became the first Prince of Carbery Donal Maol MacCarthy. Their seat and lands were forged into an independent and wealthy kingdom which survived until the 16th century.

Fingin Mac Carthaigh, another important figure of this line was the victor at the Battle of Callan in 1261 against the Anglo -Normans.

The MacCarthy crest bears the noble stag, one of the oldest celtic symbols and stands for shrewdness, one who will not fight unless provoked, and lovers of diplomacy and harmony.