Origin of the O'Connell Clan Name


The O’Connell name comes from the Eoganachta sept, Eoganacht Raithlind and originates as far back as 500 AD meaning it is one of the most famous and oldest family names in Irish History. The anglicized name for O’Connell is O Conaill, which means son of Conall.

The name Connell comes from the possible meaning Cú (Con) meaning “Wolf or Hound”. They are descendants from the High King of Ireland, Aengue Tuirmeach in c 180 BC.

O'Connell Clan of Ireland

They are first found in the Counties of Kerry, Clare, Tipperary and County Cork. The name is most prominent in County Kerry.

Variations of the name include Connell, Cannell, Connall, Conell, Conall, Connull, Cannel, Connall,O’Conell among many more.

Famous bearers of the name include Daniel O’Connell who was in Irish Political Leader in the 19th Century.

The Coat of Arms colours are silver and green, comprising of a Stag, signifying longevity. The stag is between three trefoil which signifies abundance.