Origin of the Barron Clan Name

In Ireland, Barrons are thought to be descended from Sir Art MacBaron O’Neill, a natural son of Matthew O’Neill, the first Baron of Dungannon. Matthew, originally called Ferdoragh, died at the hand of his grandson Shane O’Neill the Proud, originator of the Macshane dynasty, who was against Anglo-Irish law and its titles.

The use of the title began in the 1540s and was bestowed on all first sons of the Earls of Tyrone until they assumed the earldom themselves. Today they are settled all over the world with approximately over 40,000 bearers of the name Barron in the United States.

It was spelled Mac Bearáin in Ulster and Barún

The name Barron originates and is most common in Ulster, in Donegal and Leinster in counties Louth, Wexford, Kilkenny and Waterford. It was spelled Mac Bearáin in Ulster and Barún in Leinster. 

In England and Scotland where it is also common it comes possibly from the Old French title Baron, denoting a person of rank, or small landed proprietor. It is a placesname in France.

The crest is unusual and bears the saltire or St. Andrews form of cross, signifying resolution. The rings or amulets signify fidelity and the fifth son. Dignity of position of this name is implied in the white ermine fur in background.