Origin of the Laverty Clan Name


The name comes from the meaning, Bright Prince. Laverty is the Anglicisation of Ó Fhlaitheartaigh or Mac Fhlaithbheartaigh meaning descendant of Flaitheartaigh, a personal name combinig the gaelic words for ‘flaith’ ,prince or ruler and ‘beartach’ meaning doer of good deeds.

The name is mainly found in the Northern Province of Ulster despite being first found in Connemara. They inhabited Donegal and Tyrone and were formally Lords of Aileach (in Donegal) and Táiniste, or chosen heir and the worthiest of his kin, in Tyrone. 

Laverty Clan name origin

The name was first recorded in New York in 1846; today there are over 3,000 carriers of the name in the United States. Variations of the surname include Laverty, Lafferty, Flaherty, Flaverty, Faherty.

The Laverty crest includes 2 lions rampant supporting the hand, which is a symbol typical of this clan and is associated with the legend of the Bloody Hand of O’Neill. The base colour of silver or white denotes nobility and peace. The boat from earliest times represents security and may reference their Connemara origins as maritime seamen.