Origin of the Mc Rory Clan Name


The surname McRory and its variations comes from the name Mac Ruaidhrí, meaning son of Ruairí, the Red King, and they were recorded as Irish chiefs in the 16th century. It is possible they were originally gallowglasses or mercenary soldiers of fortune who came from Scotland in the 14th century as this name was popular here. 

Mcrory Clan name

Their possible progenitor was Ruaidhri mac Raghnail. He was a 12th century Scottish magnate who fought in Scotland and Ireland. It is believed he died fighting the English at the Battle of Ballyshannon in 1247. This was between Maurice Fitzgerald, Justiciar of Ireland and one of the first Normans to settle in Ireland and Melaghlin O’Donnell. As his name implies he was the son of Raghnall a Norse Gaelic chieftain from the Scottish Isles. Raghnall’s two sons Domhnall and Ruairí were the forefathers of 2 dynasties, Clann Domhnall and the Mac Ruaidhrí lineage.

Variations include Mac Creary, Mac Rory and Rogers or Rodgers. The surname Rogers means son of or descendant of Roger. The name Rogers is now one of the most popular names in the United States. 

The crest for McRory includes the red chevron style which represents a house for protection and faithful service. Red or gules is for military strength and the three hands (often the sign of a baronet) holding three crosses on swords stand for the unshakeable faith of this line and the possible participation in the Crusades.