Viking Places to Visit in Limerick

Red Viking Bus Tours, Limerick

Take a tour around the Viking city of Limerick and see the city’s main historical landmarks and sites. The route in an open top Viking bus begins near St Mary’s Cathedral, an old Viking site of a thingmote or assembly, in the heart of the original Viking settlement, and returns along the Shannon banks to Clancy Strand, the site of the first Viking settlement at Curragower. Tours operate from May 1st throughout the season and private tours can be arranged also!

Lough Gur Heritage Centre

Lough Gur is a magical site tucked away in the rolling hills of east Limerick. It has been inhabited for at least 5,000 years since the arrival of the Neolithic peoples in the Stone Age. Among the treasures are a megalithic tomb, a crannóg on Bolin Island, a stone circle and a reconstructed dwelling which houses the heritage centre. We know that Vikings from Waterford settled here in early 10th century (926AD) and can only imagine the Viking ships at rest on the beautiful lake. A hoard of Danish coins was discovered at the large stone forts of Carraig Aille nearby. Visitors to this area can enjoy the tranquil setting, guided walks ort even the Summer Solstice Festival in June 2013.

Lough gur vikings

Kilmallock Medieval Town

This town in south County Limerick was one of the most important towns in early medieval times due to its location on the route between Cork and Limerick. It was a walled town guarding castles, gatehouses and magnificent churches. Later it was the seat of the Earls of Desmond and the town was burned during the Desmond rebellion in 1569.

Perhaps less well-known is the fact that Killmallock was the scene of a Viking battle between the Vikings of Limerick and Waterford in 927 where the Waterford Vikings were defeated. This was no mean feat as the Waterford Vikings were under the leadership of Ragnall who had returned to Ireland in 920 to strengthen their coastal hold. Visitors today can see the ruins of the Dominican Priory and the Norman Kings castle, Blossom Gate and the remaining town walls.